Unauthorized Transactions

If you suspect someone has accessed your accounts, let us know immediately.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

An EFT is unauthorized if initiated by a person other than the account holder without the account holder’s permission. If you discover an EFT has been made without your permission, contact us immediately at 866.378.9500.

Help Us Prevent Losses

Review your account Statement promptly after receipt. If you believe there are unauthorized transfers in your statement, contact us immediately:

  • Visit one of our locations
  • Call our Customer Care Department at 866.378.9500
  • Send us an e-mail

Keep your Online Banking User ID and Password confidential. Change your Online Banking Password on a timely basis. Properly log out of your Online Banking Session by clicking the Log Off button, located in the menu column. Close the window by clicking on the x on the top-right corner, after you’ve properly logged out of the online banking session. Do not close the window prior to logging off. Be aware of who uses your personal devices (Smart phone – Tablet – Laptop – Desktop)

Report any unauthorized activity by visiting one of our branches, by calling Customer Care at 866.378.9500, or by sending us an email by clicking below.