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Traditional Banking Services During Non-Traditional Times

Drive thru banking hasn’t changed much in the past 40 years. Until now. Discover DRIVE THRU plus, a simple solution that revolutionizes the drive thru experience, Featuring Interactive Teller Machines, (ITMs), you can interact with a live teller who will personally assist you with over 70 different transactions.

With extended hours, DRIVE THRU plus is available when it’s most convenient for you:

  • Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm, EST
  • Saturday:  7am – 7pm, EST

There are two ways you can use DRIVE THRU plus:

1)     Insert your debit card to use the ATM function, 24/7, to withdraw cash, transfer money, check balances and now you can make deposits too!
2)     Touch the screen to interact with a live Bank of Tennessee teller through two way video. They will be able to assist you with the following:

  • Withdraw cash, including coins
  • Make cash or check deposits
  • Cash checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Exchange bills
  • Order checks
  • Get online banking assistance
  • And more!

Available at all Bank of Tennessee, Carter County Bank and Mountain Community Bank branch locations with drive thru service from 7am to 7pm EST, 6am to 6pm CST Monday through Saturday.

Discover DRIVE THRU plus

What is an ITM? How is it different than an ATM? What can I do using an ITM?  We answer these questions and more in a series of informative videos.

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First time using an ITM? Read these helpful tips to get started.

ITM Tips


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What is an ITM and how is it different from an ATM?
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