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Business Security

Your security is our priority, let’s combat fraud together.

Corporate Account Takeover

A form of business identity theft where the online credentials for the business, municipality or non-profit are stolen by malware. Hackers backed by professional criminal organizations, are targeting businesses and other entities to obtain access to their web banking credentials or to remotely control their computers. These hackers will then drain the deposit and credit lines of the compromised bank accounts through a complex scheme of money transfers.

Protecting your business begins with you and your staff. Be aware of the risks and set up procedures to avoid vulnerabilities.

Best Practices for Your Computer Network Administration

  • Develop an ongoing education plan for staff on safe internet and email usage. Monitor adherence to the plan.
  • Use a dedicated computer for financial transactional activity. DO NOT use this computer for general web browsing and email.
  • Apply operating system and application updates regularly
  • Ensure that anti-virus/spyware software is installed, functional and is updated with the most current version
  • Implement multi-layered system security technology. Anti-virus software, alone, will not protect a business from most threats
  • Layering security software constructs a multi-level barrier between business’ networks and criminals attempting to access such networks
  • Have host-based firewall software installed on computers
  • Use latest version of Internet browsers, such as Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome and keep patches up to date
  • Activate a “pop-up” blocker on Internet browsers to prevent intrusions.
  • Turn off your computer when not in use
  • Use strange character combinations for passwords and change them frequently on both the computer and online banking