Jared Palazzola
Relationship Manager | Senior Vice President

Meet Jared Palazzola

Job Duties: Commercial Banking

Years of Experience: 11 years in banking

Education: BS from Concord University

Family: Wife, Caitlin

Volunteer Activities: Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.  Committee member for Knox County Chamber Finance Committee.

Fun Fact About Me: Once upon a time and a few pounds ago, I courageously was involved in a college sport.  This sport required me (in my position) to effectively communicate to 10 other very large men a complicated set of actions to achieve the ultimate goal.  All of these actions must occur within a 40 second time frame.  If executed well, these actions would result in crossing a white line and ensue a rage of cheer and joy from individuals whom had paid good money to watch a field of men in action.  YES.. I once was a legend in my own mind as a QB on the football field.

Office Location: Knoxville

Office: 865.333.7161


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