Cash Management Tools

Bank of Tennessee offers a selection of tools and services to help you prevent fraud.

We can help your business fight fraud

Cash Management Tools

Positive Pay

Using the check issue file you supply to us, Bank of Tennessee identifies unmatched items daily and then displays the images for your review. You decide whether to pay or not pay the unmatched items

ACH Positive Authorization

This service enables you to block or filter ACH transactions on your bank account

ACH Blocks

ACH blocks are the simplest of all the products to use. With a block in place, no ACH debit, even one that is authorized, will be able to get through on a given account. Businesses are advised to put blocks in place on all accounts where ACH activity is not likely to be used

ACH Filters

An ACH filter allows businesses to give Bank of Tennessee a list of companies authorized to debit their accounts. Bank of Tennessee will then “filter” incoming debits and allow through only those that are on the approved list at the bank

Direct Deposit

Eliminate payroll checks completely by using direct deposit.

Online Banking

Keep current with your banking activities. You can view bank history and transactions online. Use online banking to set alerts or pull account information

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