Our Values

It is important for Bank of Tennessee employees to conduct themselves with integrity and to work by company values. To deliver efficient performance that goes above and beyond basics. Make our service to customers satisfying by respecting and listening to customer requests and understanding their expectations. Be personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of work. Fulfill commitments as responsible employees. Consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.

Bank of Tennessee Mission Statement

Our commitment to excellence defines our mission: To provide superior financial services in our community, through uncompromising service to employees and customers.


In a team-oriented environment all members contribute to the overall success of the organization. It is important for Bank of Tennessee employees to be able to work efficiently with fellow members in the organization to produce results and to reach the goal of the company.


Leadership is defined as the process by which a person has the ability to influence others to accomplish an objective and direct an organization in a way that makes it more consistent.


Accountability means to be responsible for one’s actions. It is vital for an organization to maintain specific goals that utilize the abilities of their members. Bank of Tennessee believes that knowledge and courtesy to convey trust and confidence builds organizational accountability.

 A “We” vs. “Me” Philosophy

This philosophy enables employees to accomplish their personal goals with the objectives of the company. Through teamwork and individual respect for co-workers companies have the ability to remain goal-oriented. To improve the strategic goal of the company employees must work together to accomplish these goals.

Results Driven

By encompassing a results-driven environment, individuals can focus on the strategic goals enabled by the organization. Each individual employee is held accountable for his or her continuous improvement while making effective timely decisions. Individuals have the ability to produce results through strategic planning and implementation and the evaluation of these results

A Can Do Attitude

It is vital for an individual to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves; they are more likely then to reach them. Having employees with a can do attitude provides a company with the knowledge and understanding that a positive environment fosters a positive work ethic.