Happy Debit Rewards Program

Use your Pen, not your PIN.

Bank of Tennessee Debit Card customers accrue points automatically when they utilize their debit card as a credit transaction. Additional forms to fill out are not necessary. Current customers are automatically a member of the new Happy Rewards program.

  • Accrue 1 point for every $2 spent via signature transaction
  • Additional protection from credit card fraud
  • Accumulate points for Happy Rewards
  • Quarterly statement accrual notification

How to complete a qualifying signature transaction

  • During a purchase, if a customer is prompted for their PIN or to choose “credit” or “debit”, select “credit” and sign your name
  • Always sign the sales receipt when available
  • When prompted for “credit” or “debit” without an attendant, opt for “credit” to receive the same benefits
  • Transactions will be posted and affect your account in the same manner; as a debit transaction

How to redeem Happy Reward points

  • Click here to Browse items to purchase with your reward points and make your merchandise or travel selection
  • Merchandise is shipped directly to you, free of charge

If you have further questions, please callĀ us at 866.378.9500 or send us an e-mail